David Parker

After originally receiving Angelic Reiki myself and experience its effectiveness I decided to trained in 2017 under an Angelic Reiki Master at the Birmingham Holistic Centre.  Since this time working with Angels seem to have become a way of life for me and they frequently helped myself and my family in many a situation, and with an ever increasing fast pace lifestyle I have found there guidance most beneficial.

Along with Angelic Reiki I have been studying 'Herbal Medicine', and found it a beneficial and exciting field to use and help other.  This is definitely a subject I am digging even further in,to the point where I hope to open a herbal practice to help all those I can. 


2018 - Present

Diplomas in both Angelic Reiki and Angel Healing.

Studying for a PHD in herbal medicine.


Qualified in herbal mastery